Hannah's House - Home-style assisted living
Home-style assisted living - a specialty of the house!


Flowers decorate our kitchen table.

For those who need a little help with the activities of daily living, Hannah's House offers a safe, family environment for a few people who choose to live life to the fullest and enjoy the company of others. The residents of the Hannah's House family take comfort in knowing that their privacy is respected, but that help from professional caregivers is just moments away at any time.

When you move in to your own private suite, you are encouraged to remain as independent and active as possible, but we are always watching out for you. Our ratio of 1:5 caregivers to residents means we will get to know each other well.

Dignity and respect are very important to your hosts, Bruce and Verna Tuxhorn, owners of Hannah's House. In fact, since Hannah's House is our ministry of care and peace of mind, we live close by and are usually available should you or a family member need to meet with us.